Ceylon Ayurveda centre focus on the wellness beyond a treatment. Our system based on the Sri Lankan traditional medicine system and Ayurveda.We provide a holistic treatment for you with an internal and external treatments of Pancha Karma, Yoga and Meditation by Using Quality herbal medicines. We help you to get rid of diseases as well as to prevent from the diseases. This is the best place to build up your path for a better life.


Revel in Authentic Ayurvedic Retreats – Immerse Yourself in Timeless Wisdom for Holistic Rejuvenation.

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Our journey embraces the ancient path of Ayurveda, where tradition meets innovation

Kalana Dissanayake
Kalana Dissanayake
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I experienced severe back pain and sought treatment from Dr. Nilakshi. Her expertise has been transformative. Almost 95% of my pain has dissipated, and I highly recommend her for any kind of medical concerns. Dr. Nilakshi's approach is exceptional; she meticulously explained the root cause of my pain and outlined the treatment plan's workings. This clarity helped me understand the process and benefits. What sets her apart is her ability to instill confidence during treatments. Her supportive demeanor and insightful guidance fostered a sense of trust and comfort. If you're seeking effective treatment coupled with compassionate care, Dr. Nilakshi is the one to see. My journey from severe back pain to significant relief underlines her skill, dedication, and patient-centered approach. Highly recommend Dr. Nilakshi to anyone.
 Emily L
Emily L@username
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As a longtime believer in Ayurveda, I can confidently say that Ceylon Ayurveda stands out from the rest. Their commitment to using pure Ayurvedic methods and high-quality ingredients is truly commendable. I felt a deep sense of harmony and tranquility after each treatment, leaving me eager to return for another soul-enriching experience."
John R.
John R.
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Experiencing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda at Ceylon Ayurveda was a life-changing experience. The personalized treatments not only healed my body but also revitalized my mind and spirit. Their skilled practitioners and genuine care for each guest make it an unparalleled destination for authentic Ayurvedic healing."


Ayubowan !

where ancient wisdom meets modern healing. Led by the renowned Dr. Nilakshi Lenora, our center is a sanctuary of holistic wellness and rejuvenation.